It will be easier in the future to immigrate to Germany to find work here. Qualified workers can come to Germany from all over the world. The test of whether a German could take up the position in question, is eliminated. But there are some requirements that they must fulfill:
1. An affiliated study and / or vocational training or many years of professional experience
2. Language skills and adequate financial resources to provide for the livelihood, the rent and possibly a language course in the first six months. During these first six months you are allowed to do testwork, but max. 10 hours a week.
3. For shortage occupations such as doctors, engineers, geriatric nurses, nurses or hotel employees such as cooks are less prerequisites and it is easier to find a job in the professions mentioned
4. It is advantageous who you have already tried in your home for a German employment contract and have received such. However, German skills are mandatory (in certain occupations, such as in the computer industry, good English at the beginning) and vocational training and / or work experience.
Half a year, you have to estimate a total sum of at least 7,800 € to 12,000 €. This may sound expensive at first, but keep in mind that they are e.g. as an engineer, you can earn at least € 1,800 to € 2,200 per month.
Our company, the European-Job-Service, has been working for many years with immigrants (currently only EU residents) and offers you the following service before arrival, during job search and during the first half year:
Presenting their profile to thousands of potential employers
Help with the search for an apartment (very difficult in many regions of Germany, especially in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt)
Selection of a suitable language school
Assistance with government applications and procedures
We can make you an individual offer, staggered by vocational training, German language skills.